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Just Massage is closed from 8 July to 29 July 2018 inclusive.

Have a great summer and see you all in August!


Cinnamon and bergamot soap

Here’s my latest soap adventure which I tweaked from a Humblebee & Me recipe (which you can find here).

I changed it for two main reasons:

a) I didn’t have all the ingredients (notably the cinnamon bark essential oil!)

b) the original uses lard which Marie (the founder of Humblebee & Me) insists is a necessity in soap-making. I may be an amateur but I insist quite the opposite, since the classic French “savon de Marseille” (similar to Castille soap), uses 100% olive oil.

50% coconut oil (I used 150 g)

50% olive oil (I used 150 g)

0.6 tbsp white kaolin clay

0.6 tbsp ground cinnamon

approx. 9g bergamot oil (as I didn’t have cinnamon bark: the original recipe used 18g for 300g fat)

143.1g-146.3g commercial caustic soda solution at 30% dilution (for 8-10% reduction). I used 146 g (on my kitchen scales).

Follow my instructions for making soap in my post soap-making part 2.

When the soap reaches the trace stage, add the kaolin and essential oil. Pour half the mixture into the moulds, then add the ground cinnamon to the remaining soap and mix well. Top up your moulds with the cinnamon mix. I tried “swirling” it in with a toothpick but that didn’t really work and I’ve ended up with a two layer soap (see photo) but, hey!

Subtle but noticeable smell (if you want a more pronounced smell, you’ll need more essential oils in it).

Wait 4-6 weeks and enjoy.

Thought for the day

Thought for the day

8 cheap beauty tricks

  1. Recycle used coffee grinds to scrub your thighs in the shower. Or mix with olive/sunflower oil for a gentle facial scrub.

    It’s coffee scrub time!

    2. Smother your feet with shea butter before bed, put on some old socks and wake up to soft, smooth feet.


3. Chapped lips? A little brown sugar mixed with a spot of honey will gently scrub and nourish them at the same time. and no worries about licking your lips after…!

4. Before 2 above, you can scrub away hard skin with some sea salt mixed with olive oil.

Lavender and salt scrub

5. Scars or stretch marks? Rosehip oil (also called wild rose) is perfect as a massage oil for affected areas.

6. Fancy a little me time? Relax in a bath and slide a bath bomb under your back as you get in. A mini fizz massage!

7. Brush up! Use a body brush to improve the appearance of cellulite and boost circulation. Brush up from the feet towards the heart on dry skin. No body brush? Use a dry bath mitt or just your hands, but use firm strokes (you’ll tone your arms at the same time!!)

These are not my legs, but I can dream can’t I?

8. Over-ripe fruit, or some strawberries that have been nibbled by birds/slugs? Don’t throw them on the compost (though that’s a good recycling option), mash them up (add a drop of oil or some honey or yogurt if you like) and spread on your face a s a mask. Leave for 10 to 15 mins, rinse off and pat dry.

Happy smiling strawberry face!

Happy Father’s Day

Reminder June offer

Discover the benefits of a Swedish massage this month with our June offer.

Swedish massage was developed, not surprisingly, by a Swede, Per Henrik Ling.

It stimulates the body’s circulation and so helps cleanse and nourish soft tissues by bringing more oxygen and nutrients to cells. It relaxes tense muscles and improves muscle tone. It stimulates the body’s system to greater efficiency.

Great for relaxation, improving sleep patterns and the relief of muscular tension.

Treatment begins with effleurage, followed by kneading, friction, vibrations and percussion techniques.

So set aside an hour this month to have your muscles soothed in our expert hands, and at a discount too!

40€ instead of 50€ for a one-hour Swedish massage.

Valid up to and including 30th June 2018.

Offer does not apply to gift vouchers.

Just call for an appointment.

Just Massage offers home massage in and around the Mérignac and Pessac area (near Bordeaux, France).

Perfect pampering with a home massage