Try this on a regular basis to revitalise your complexion. It takes elements from the rejuvenating facial massage that you can do at home (but try the massage as well, it’s so much better when someone does it for you!)

Sit or lie down in a comfortable position.

Alternate middle fingers to stroke the 3rd eye (point between your eyebrows)

Smooth your forehead from centre out using base of hands

Slide middle fingers along eyebrows from centre out to temples (x 3)

Pinch eyebrows between first finger and thumb from centre to temples (x 3)

Slide fingers again along eyebrows, stop at temples

Slow circular movements over temples with fingers and/or ball of hand, start gently becoming firmer

Eye circles with middle finger. Place your middle finger at the outer corners of your eyes, gently slide fingers under the eyes and up around the bridge of the nose, then bring them up and over eyebrows, creating full circles (x 3)

Smooth eyelids (upper and lower) with middle finger from centre out (x 3)

Gently massage eye area with middle finger

Palming: place cupped hands over eyes to block out light (30 seconds)

Make small circles with the middle fingers all over nose

Place middle fingers on bridge of nose and slide down along eye socket to ears (x 3), then from bridge of nose along cheekbones to ears (x 3), then from either side of nostrils under cheekbones to ears (x 3), then from corner of lips to ears (x3), then from chin to ears (x3), pulling skin slightly as you move towards ears each time.

Place your thumbs beneath your chin and your index fingers on top of the chin. Pinch jawline from chin to ears

Use the pads of the first three fingers to make slow circular movements where the jaw bones meet

Use your index finger to rub up and down in front of your ear

Massage your ears between thumb and index. Cover all the surface of the ear, inside and out.

Place your palms flat against your face either side of your nose and, keeping a firm pressure, pull your hands slowly towards and over your ears (x 3)

To finish, massage your scalp slowly with fingertips (like a slow shampoo) then smooth down hair.

If you need to “wake up”, pinch your scalp vigorously with your fingertips