Optimize your comings and goings by incorporating some simple exercises into your journey to work.

On foot

Of course, walking is the best solution. You’ve all read that you should get off the bus/train/tram one station before your destination and walk the rest of the way, so DO IT!

And walk brisquely, if you’re going to walk (you should feel warm, though don’t overdo it, no good getting to work hot and sweaty, now).

Don’t forget to tighten the buttocks of your leading leg for extra firmness.

Take the stairs

Another one we’ve all been told. Avoid the lift/escalator and take the stairs. For the more courageous among you, climb two steps at a time.

If you’ve got several flights to go up, alternate your speed. One flight quickly, one flight normally. Or two flights at speed, the rest slowly. It’s up to you.

Toned legs in no time.