Step 5: Love the ones you’re with

When you come home from work, make an effort to live in the moment with whoever’s there and don’t spend these precious hours with your loved ones moaning about the day’s stresses.

Have a rule you won’t discuss work for anything more than a 15-minute debrief.

That way, your job or any other outside worries won’t dominate your personal life and your home remains a sanctuary.

Share a face-to-face mini-adventure together – whether it’s tackling a DIY project, taking a long walk or planning a weekend away.

Source: Prima magazine

I have to say, I don’t spend long talking over work with hubby but we have been ‘tackling’ a DIY project for 3 years (it’s still ongoing, not good on making decisions here!) and THAT seems to somewhat dominate home life…perhaps our home would be a “sanctuary” if we could finally get it done.

Do we ever finish working on the house?