Step 7: Get Physical

Instead of watching Strictly Come Dancing, why not take it up yourself?

Studies have shown that 45 minutes of vigorous exercise, three times a week, is as effective as the leading anti-depressant medication in treating depression.

So skip the gym and put on your dancing shoes instead.

Partner dancing, especially Latin American, is especially good because you’ve also got to focus on your partner and what they’re doing.

It creates intimacy and allows you to experience the sheer joy of holding onto someone else.

And for a quick fix, just boogy round your kitchen to a song you love to set your pulse racing!

Source: Prima magazine

Doing the tango may be a bit daunting to you, so try some old fashioned line dancing for starters (no treading on your partner’s feet).

If you’ve got a Wii or similar, the dance games are fun to try out as a family, I’ll vouch for that (borrowed a friend’s Wii for a weekend to test it out). You can pretend you’re John Travolta for an evening!

Or, as suggested above, put on your favourite dance music and get dancing with your kids, your partner, your friends (more fun than doing it on your own).

My kids (all under 11) love dancing, so I’ve got no excuse not to boogy on down with them (even if our musical tastes differ…!)