Step 8: Blow your own trumpet

Stop playing down your achievements and start shouting about them.

Acknowledging life’s little accomplishments makes you feel great and builds momentum for even more success.

Be proud of your achievements, big or small.

If you’ve done a cookery course, invite friends round for a meal.

If you’ve lost weight, go shopping with the girls.

If you’ve finished decorating your lounge, have  a party in it.

Source: Prima magazine

So what are MY “little accomplishments”?

Well, I’ve knitted a couple of lovely cardis for my 4-year-old girl – only, she refuses to wear them ‘cos they’ve got buttons on them.

She’s having a button phobia, but hey, I’m proud of my cardis (that she’ll probably never wear…)

I got second prize in a birthday cake competition run by my local library to celebrate it’s 10th year.

I made a passion cake in the form of a book with book quotes on the “pages”, and several people even asked for the recipe!

I make my own face and body creams, and feel proud when I apply them that they are free from all the chemical products they put in industrial ones.  Some are even made using plants from my garden (see the post on Calendula-infused oil).

So what are your “little accomplishments”?