I’ve already posted a link to this (in French, because it’s taking place in Bordeaux) on Facebook, but here’s the lowdown on it for you non-Facebookers (I’m sure there are lots of you!)

The “challenge du ruban rose” takes place annually in Bordeaux along the quayside in … October, of course, because it’s the month dedicated to breast cancer awareness.

It is a 5 or 10 km circuit (you choose) that you can walk or run.

The challenge’s aim is to collect donations (your enrolment fee – 15€ for adults for the 5 km challenge) which are then used for the prevention and screening of breast cancer, including awareness campaigns.

To cite the website:

More than 4 000 people – women, men, children, families, associations, sports clubs  and businesses – meet up every year on the banks of the Garonne in Bordeaux to run or walk together with no thought to results or finishing times but to act and give for breast cancer screening and prevention.

Check out the website (in French):


I’ll be there with my family and friends.

What about you?