Feel frantic? Try these easy tips to slow down and help you feel more in control of your life.

1) Imagine your way to having more energy

Take a few minutes out and visualise energy flooding into your body.

This takes a bit of practice, so start sitting down and taking five slow, deep breaths, with your eyes shut.

Then imagine that what you’re breathing in is not just air, but a long wisp of pure, shining, golden energy.

As you hold this inside you, the energy starts to spread through your body.

As you breathe out, imagine the breath expelling all the fatigue from your body and mind, getting rid of it like an old puff of grey cloud.

Do this for another ten breaths, and you should feel the benefit.

2) Tackle something small to see big

When you fell that life is running away from you, stop and take control of a small area of your life in a physical sense.

Tidy and sort out your desk or the bathroom cupboard, for example.

Regaining the advantage over even one bit of chaos helps you feel more able to move forward.

3) Smile

This is probably the last thing we feel like doing when stress is mounting, but if you can raise a smile at someone, not only will they smile back, but you’ll feel better, as the mere act of smiling tricks your body into feeling happier.

See my earlier post for a smiley poem.

More de-stress tips to come.