They’ve just won a National Television  award, and that’s when I first heard of this Channel 4 programme (zapping on the telly the other night).

Then my sister posted an extract on her Facebook page, and that’s what I’m posting here – I challenge you not to be moved.

I am having major problems with my 11-year-old in the French system. He is not a delinquant (and even if he were there are reasons for such behaviour), he is not hurting anyone, he is not bullying anyone, he doesn’t have disastrous results, far from it. But he is being a difficult pupil, slouching, talking in class, not writing down the lesson, being generally provocative – though never rude. And the system is failing him miserably. He receives sanction after sanction after sanction and zero encouragement.

Are there teachers out there in the French secondary system who are thinking outside the box like in this school in Yorkshire? I hope so.

They are an inspiration. To my son’s teachers, I say, look and learn.