Seen in the Femina magazine (Sunday supplement to the Sud Ouest newspaper)- a full-page article on the benefits of facial massage.

As if we needed telling here at Just Massage.

So what does the article say?

Well, apart from giving three self-massage rituels (see below), it notes how, by applying your face cream with specific movements, the deeper tissues are stimulated. For an anti-wrinkle treatment, a good massage will activate acupuncture points on the face and relax tense muscles.

The more often you massage, the better.

But how do you know if you’re doing it right?

Well, if it’s painful or if you cause persistant redness (a little is normal) to your skin,  you’re maybe overdoing it.

So here’s a good morning ritual to adopt when you apply your day cream:

Put a blob of cream on both cheeks, then spread it over the face using your fingertips in smal circular movements from the bottom to the top of your face.

Then “smooth out” your deeper lines (forehead, around the mouth), using your fingertips or the base of your hand.

Finally, place your palms on either side of the nose and pull out firmly towards your ears. Repeat at least 3 times.

Here’s a link to an earlier blog for a 10-minute facial massage.

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More on the Femina article in a later blog