Here’s a final mini-massage routine from the Femina article I spoke to you about in earlier posts (A massage for around the eyes and Facial massage is good for you).

This is one to incorporate into your night-time routine.

After removing make-up, try these movements to tone up your facial muscles:

1. Smooth your face by placing the fingertips flat against the jaw and pushing upwards to the middle of the forehead, lifting the skin slightly as you go.

2. To release tension in the face, pinch the skin lightly with the tips of the index and thumb. This needs to be brisk  and symmetrical (both hands at the same time).

To finish, place the palms of your hands around your neck and smooth downwards to improve drainage.

And let me remind you once again that Just Massage has a wonderful facial treatment to disover (or re-discover) in its Rejuvenating Facial Massage, as well as Indian Head Massage which incorporates a facial massage in its longer (60 minute) version.