With Mother’s Day coming up, here is a poem written from the heart about a beautiful, beautiful mother.

My mum

Vibrant, strong, tall as a tree,

With roots spreading and reaching to me.

Nourishing, nurturing, bringing me life,

Setting me free.

My mum

Giving the lion’s share,

Courage, passion, beauty beyond compare.

Keeps me cool in summer, warm in winter,

Without a care

My mum

A harbour from the storms of change

Who offers calm and peace

Within the waters of the world’s range.

My mum

My friend

My heart

My peace

I love you


It was written by my sister, Tina, the day our mum died after a two-year battle with cancer. September 22, 2002, and we still miss her like hell.

Love you, mum, you are always in our hearts.