Psychologist Dr Robert Holden, director of The Happiness Project (, says we feel happiest when we begin to get to know who we truly are.

We want that lovely feeling of having no worries, not feeling pressure and not having to compare ourselves to anyone. He says we need to make more choices to support being happy.

So how to go about doing that?

First, ask yourself what would my day be like if I made a decision in the morning to have as much fun as possible that day?

Happiness isn’t about having more and more THINGS in life, it’s about working out the real “more” for you.

More time with loved ones?

More time to be creative?

More time just relaxing?

What is the real “more” for you?

And remember, how much you laugh is a good indicator of how much happiness you’re allowing into your life.

Use the questions below to help you think about the short-term and longer-term future and the right steps to take.

What are the most valuable changes you’ve made during the past year in your work, your relationship and your life as a whole?

Now work out what inspired those changes and what helped you make them.

Next, identify the key changes you want to make in the next three months in the same three areas: work, relationships and your life as a whole.

Finally, ask yourself what and who can help you make these changes? The answers to all these will show you the next steps to take.

Source: Woman and Home magazine