If the sun, sea and swimming pool are taking their toll on your hair this summer, try these easy home treats.

Silky soft

Rehydrate hair by adding one or two drops of Roman camomile, lavender or rosemary essential oils to a carrier oil (try sunflower or grapeseed).

Massage into hair and leave overnight (protect pillows with a towel, or a scarf around your head).

Shampoo off in the morning.

Make it shine

Mix together 3tbsp mashed avocado (why not use an over-ripe one that’s blackened and is no good to eat), 2 tbsp carrot juice, 3 tbsp olive oil and a drop of essential oil such as ylang ylang or jasmine.

Work the mixture into wet hair and cover with a scarf or clingfilm.

Keep it in overnight and rinse out the next day.


Source: Essentials magazine