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97 per cent of women feel that not being able to relax properly has a real and adverse effect on their lives.

How stress can take over

How stress can take over

Help yourself to relax more with a simple treat for the feet.

Massaging the feet relaxes and soothes the mind and body.

Whilst here at Just Massage we offer a Revitalising foot massage based on Traditional Chinese massage (or Tuina), you can give yourself a relaxing DIY treat too.

Just knead the inside edges of your feet – an area that relates to the spine and central nervous system in reflexology.

A foot massage relaxes the mind and body

A foot massage relaxes the mind and body




Working the big toe joint can also soothe and calm.

Boost benefits with a relaxing oil containg lavender and mandarin to restore harmony.









And put things in perspective when stress get a hold of your life and remember these magic words!

one to remember when you're under pressure.

one to remember when you’re under pressure.


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