Get celebrating

Get celebrating

I’ve just been re-reading a magazine from last year (a copy of Woman & Home to be exact) about how we should be celebrating more and hey, it all sounded good to me.

So I thought I’d share some of the ideas with you and add some of my own.

According to the article, recognising even small achievements can give you a long-lasting sense of wellbeing.

Why say no to that?


Are you on a treadmill?

Are you on a treadmill?

Celebrate the present…

If life seems to be a constant cycle of tasks to do, it’s easy to feel you’re on a treadmill which in turn can create anxiety.

Take time to get off the treadmill and celebrate moments and milestones. This will make you stop, recognise the process and absorb what has happened.




...but mark the passing of time…

celebrate with a treat

Celebrate with a treat

Marking events such as birthdays and anniversaries gives a sense of perspective and stops each day, week, month from blurring into one another. Provided of course you don’t sigh and say “Another year gone” as if you’ve done nothing in between!

Use each celebration (children’s birthdays, your birthday, anniversaries) to reflect on where you’ve been and where you’re going.

It can be difficult sometimes to reflect back over a whole year so try a Friday celebration with an edible treat.

Sit down with your friends or family (it’s a good one to get the kids involved) and write down the good things that happened to you that week.

Or try this idea:

good things jar

Start a “good things” jar

…and look forward too

Celebrations also give us something to look forward to.

Life should be a balance of activity and reflection, hard work and reward.

Don’t forget that reward bit.

Life is a gift – not a sentence.

Celebrations can keep us going especially when times are hard and are a vital part of our emotional development.

And you don’t need much money to get celebrating.

Cut up some old magazines into triangles, sellotape to some string for easy-peasy bunting to drape around your sitting room.

make bunting from old magazines

make bunting from old magazines





paper bunting makes for instant celebration

paper bunting makes for instant celebration















Put on some fun dance music for all the family and get everyone up and moving!

A final thought for the day:

Celebration is a natural medecine.

It relaxes muscles, triggers the release of endorphins and can boost the immune system by 40%

It can decrease stress hormones, lessen pain and leave you feeling upbeat.

A bit like a good massage in fact.


More ideas on getting some celebration back into your life in my next post.

And for a special celebration, consider booking a relaxing massage.

Celebrate with a relaxing massage

Celebrate with a relaxing massage

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