Let's celebrate more!

Let’s celebrate more!

Following on from my post on letting more celebration into your lives (The Power of Celebrating), here’s another thought.
The more you celebrate, the more you’ll find to celebrate.
You see, when you focus on something, it “expands”.
When you downplay or overlook something, it “shrinks”.
So if you tend to shrug even good things off as “luck”, try focusing on what’s going well and why.

This anchors them as real, acknowledges their importance and allows you to make the most of them, in particular in terms of the fun and feel-good factor, the joy and inspiration they bring.

Wise words from Oprah.

Wise words from Oprah.


So for example, here are  my two boys coming home yesterday after a couple of days away for a rugby tournament organised by Aquitaine Community Centres with Drop de Béton.

They don’t play rugby (they are football mad), although they enjoy it, but they came third and fifth respectively in their small teams (they are 12 and 9 years old) out of some 20-odd teams.

I reckon that’s a cause to celebrate, to acknowldege the importance of their achievement and to recognise how it has inspired them.

So I’m making a banoffee pie for them today.

Hopefully it’ll make them feel special and help build their self-belief .

So what are you celebrating today/this week/this month?


For that special celebration, consider booking a relaxing massage.

Celebrate with a relaxing massage

Celebrate with a relaxing massage

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