Natural solutions for beautiful eyes

Natural solutions for beautiful eyes

We all want to look after our eyes and banish dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles, right?

Well, try out some of these homemade recipes:

The humble potato, cucumber and (used) tea bag should never be underestimated in giving your eyes a special treat.

Potato has a decongesting effect which can reduce puffiness. Put thin slices of raw potato on and around your eyes and leave on for 10-15 mins.

Idem for cucumbers  for the simplest  of eye masks with a soothing and slightly de-puffing effect. Chilled is even better.

And placing used tea bags (black tea containing caffeine) on your eyes will help reduce dark circles and again reduce puffiness – good for tired eyes. Try chamomile tea bags too for a soothing effect.

Cold teabgs on your eyes helps reduce dark circles and puffiness

Cold teabgs on your eyes helps reduce dark circles and puffiness

And one “recipe” that needs zero ingredients is …spoons!

Yes, really. Put a couple of spoons in the fridge for 15-20 mins and place them over your eyes.


A similar “cold” treatment can be had using an ice cube. Wrap it in clingfilm and use it to “massage” around your eyes. The cold will reduce any puffiness.

And now you’ve freshened up your eyes, check out these homemade eye creams and serums from the realbeautyspot blog:

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