These are not my legs, but I can dream can't I?

These are not my legs, but I can dream can’t I?

So my new resolution is to tone up my legs now that the sun has finally decided to show it’s face here in Bordeaux.

Just re-read an article in January’s Good Housekeeping magazine about an entire spa in Italy dedicated to legs (Capri Palace Leg school). Don’t reckon I can afford such luxury so I’m going to get my circulation going with a lymphatic boosting body brush.

According to the article, done every day for five minutes, it really delivers.

5 minutes, you say? A busy girl can handle that.

So you need a quality pure-bristle brush that you can hold in the palm of your hand.bodybrush

Here’s how to body brush, quoted from the article (with my little asides!)

“Starting at your feet, brush your skin with long overlapping strokes upwards, from your calves up your thighs and then your bottom and stomach (my stomach definitely needs toning after 3 kids, it’s been gently sagging since the birth of Léa 6 years ago!!).

Then work up from your hands to your armpits, alway aiming towards the heart.

Five minutes a day transforms dry and spongy skin (what d’ya mean? I don’t have spongy skin! Do I? I am NOT looking in that mirror), boosts circulation (could do with that, I’m definitely sluggish) and gives you a glow (who wouldn’t want to glow, not to be confused with glower…)”.

So watch this space, I’m starting today before my shower…

And for more cellulite-busting, skin-enhancing benefits for your legs, try the Walking on Air treatment from Just Massage.

Enjoy the benefits of a leg massage

Enjoy the benefits of a leg massage

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