There are plenty of spas around here in France which are based around the healing powers of their local mineral-rich thermal spa waters – there’s a long history of “taking the waters” in Europe generally.

Budapest's Szechenyi thermal baths

Budapest’s Szechenyi thermal baths

It can be hard to bathe every day at home in mineral water but you can add mineral salts to a bath once a week to mimic the spa experience at home.

Research shows that two-thirds of us are deficient in magnesium, which has been proven to help ease stress, headaches, muscle tension and help regulate bowel movements to ease constipation.

You can add magnesium flakes to your bath (available from health food stores) or try old-fashioned Epsom Salts, which are high in magnesium (by the way, check out these 13 uses of Epsom salts whilst you’re at it or Hello Natural’s Healing Epsom Salt bath soak).


I myself swear by a daily 300mg magnesium supplement to radically ease my PMS symptoms (notably the raging beast I helplessly become just before my period – but strangely only since the birth of my third child…).

Having just bought some Epsom salts, I’m going to try them out too in a bath…as soon as I have a bath.Well I do have a bath but it has a sort of seat in it and basically you can’t have a decent bath in it, believe me, I’ve tried. Very good for bathing kids though (it works kind of like half a bath). Confused? Don’t be.

I’ll maybe try a foot soak in the meantime.

Not my feet by the way!

Not my feet by the way!

Of course I’ve told you here that magnesium can help your muscle tension, headaches and stress, but so too can massage.

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