redoutfitMy favourite colour is red (that’s not me, by the way. But I LOVE the dress!).

I’m instinctively attracted to bright colours when I go shopping (which, I admit, isn’t as often as I’d like), although I don’t always wear them.

What about you?

Apparently it’s all down to colour psychology.

Did you know there’s such a thing as a colour pyschologist?

Me neither, at least I didn’t until I came across this article in an old edition of the UK’s Healthy magazine (on sale only in Holland and Barrett health food shops).

Well, admittedly I didn’t really need her to tell me that colour can lift your mood, but, hey, it’s always good to have a reminder. Like this photo from the colour festival in India (now there’s a great idea).



According to this colour psychologist (Angela Wright), colour affects our mood at every waking moment, even if we don’t realise it. It has an energy that can have both a physical and emotional effect on us. Colours work in harmony with each other and we should trust our in-built instinct for which ones go together (no need to call on an interior designer then, or an image consultant!)

So for a brilliant mood boost, we should surround ourselves with a spectrum of shades.

coloursThis can be anything from putting colour in our plates (think fiery red peppers, bright orange pumpkin, sunny bananas) to adding a few jewel-coloured scatter cushions to your sofa or bed – though even muted shades have an effect on mood.cushions

According to Wright, there are four colours that relate to how you are feeling at any time:

Red has a powerful effect on the body and particularly your energy needs. A bright red will raise your energy levels (hey, I’m wearing a bright red top as I’m typing this, and I’m zooming along. OK, that’s a lie, but I DID pick this top out on purpose BECAUSE I was feeling tired this morning so I reckon, subconsciously, I was looking to boost my energy levels…)

A softer shade (pink) will soothe and calm you.

Studies have shown that prisons where cells are painted pale pink have calmer inmates. Wouldn’t you know!

Blue can affect your state of mind. If you’re prone to racing thoughts and a restless mind, a soft pale blue will help to calm you down.

Yellow can boost your confidence and optimism, so is good if you tend to be anxious or fearful.

Green restores balance between your mind, body and emotions. It’s a good all-round colour, whatever your emotional state.

Ever noticed how calm you feel after a long country walk?countrywalk It’s because your eyes have been taking in green energy, which is both refreshing and restorative.

If you’re thinking of redecorating your bedroom soon, Wright recommends picking pale shades of pink and green. The pink will help send you off to sleep, while green will help make you feel refreshed in the morning.


I’m getting my paintbrushes ready…!