Create your own personal zest.

I have lemon balm in the garden.


I’m no green-fingered gardener so I can tell you honestly that it grows really easily, either from seed or from a small plant you can pick up at your local nursery.

And it reseeds itself quite happily, attracts bees and butterflies and what’s more makes a refreshing herbal tea that’ll give you a bit of a zing.

Of course if you don’t have a garden or can’t find the time (or space) to grow lemon balm, you can just buy the teabags! But, according to Jekka McVicar (Jekka’s complete herb book), my herb guru, fresh or frozen leaves are best because the volatile oil tends to disappear during the drying process, which kinda implies  teabags aren’t so good.

Either way, infuse the tea with a slice of lemon.


Lemon balm also  helps calm the stomach (eases digestion, flatulence and colic!) and is said to relieve headaches, tension and restore the memory so if your brain is tired, maybe you need a cup of lemon balm tea…