Still not recovered from the New Year celebrations? Give your eyes a little pamper to give them a fresh start for 2016. Here’s how…


You don’t need telling that stresses and strains show in tired eyes (I just have to look at myself in the mirror for proof of this, and it doesn’t get better with age!!).

Sometimes it can be downright depressing: dark circles (that’s me) and puffiness (thankfully, not really a problem), even bloodshot eyes (usually allergy-induced for me) are a direct sign of you feeling frazzled.

Soothe and revive them with these ideas:


Cleanse your face thoroughly then spritz skin with a facial spray. OK, I admit that’s not my idea, I read it in a magazine, and I’m not too keen on it if you’re going to buy something just for that purpose. However, I think splashing your face with cold water is more effective, or if you want the spritz effect, buy a small refillable bottle with spray nozzle (you can buy them online at places like AromaZone) or recycle one you already have.


Apply damp cotton pads soaked in cool water to eyes and leave for two minutes (or try the classic cucumber or potato slices). Obviously you need to lie down for this part. Obviously, der.

Yes, it's me with cucumbers on the eyes and lettuce on the rest

Yes, it’s me with cucumbers on the eyes and lettuce on the rest

Remove the pads.

Apply a light anti-ageing eye gel around the eyes and, using your ring finger, press acupressure points at the inner eyebrow, working toward the middle, then under the eye toward the temples. (See here for homemade eye creams).


Use your fingertips to gently tap the eye area.

Apply an eye mask (use your eye cream in a thicker layer or try simple coconut oil) and  leave it on for five to ten minutes. Remove with cotton pads.

Finish off with eye cream (but apply it sparingly).