As promised, and since I’m never going to have a pensieve (see last week’s post!), here’s the next in the series on how to stay calm when you’ve a zillion things to do.

5 minute wonders

1. MASSAGE YOUR NECK.  Place your fingertips either side of the base of your neck and massage in a circular motion, working your way up to the base of the skull. Press up and under the base of the skull to help release tension (this can be quite a tender area). Enhance the effect with a muscle rub or a teaspoon of oil with a drop of lavender, bergamot or wintergreen essential oils.Man Rubbing His Shoulder Muscle

2. GO FLOPPY. Tense up your whole body, including your face  for 10-15 seconds then let go and be a floppy doll. Repeat up to three times to de-stress and remind your body what it’s like to be relaxed!stretch3. DAYDREAM. You got told off for it at school but it’s actually quite relaxing to daydream – it’s like a mini-break for your brain and can release tension and anxiety. You’ll get back to the job in hand feeling refreshed.DAYDREAM

See you next Friday for part 3.