OK, if you love making your own beauty products or are into organic, natural products then you can’t have failed to notice the buzz around cocunut oil these last few years.


I was obviously ahead of my time in my teens, cos I remember using it as a moisturizer even then (mainly because it was dirt cheap AND 100% pure, so no nasty chemicals added).

And now, many years later, I’m glad of an excuse to fall in love with it again. I’m using it a lot at the mo’ either as a body moisturizer (it absorbs easily and doesn’t actually have too coconuty a smell cos I’m not a big fan even if I do love a Bounty bar from time to time…) which can be a put off, I admit.

Marie over at Humblebee and Me has had the good idea of posting themed recipes form her blog as she has published over 800 posts, so it’s not easy to sort through them all.

Her first theme is…coconut oil. Check out her post on 10 recipes to make with coconut oil.

And here’s my own selection of coconut recipes from this blog:

Tried and tested Natural deodorant

Tried and tested home-made sun cream

Pamper tired eyes

Pumpkin and cinnamon body scrub

Coconut oil-based deodorant

Coconut oil-based deodorant


The simplest recipe of all is, of course, just pure coconut oil on your face and body. It makes a great massage oil too (perfect for a Hawaiian – or Lomi Lomi – massage).

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