So why am I writing a post about life coaching?

Well a good friend and most INSPIRATIONAL lady (yes, that’s you Marisa) has recently set up her own business here in Bordeaux as a life coach. And as someone who has had her own ups and downs in life and come through them all, she can certainly deliver on the empathy scale and knows how important it is to get outside help when life is overwhelming you.

How stress can take over

As an expat myself, living away from family and friends, a lot of what Marisa says resonates with me. But even without being on the expat planet, life can be a rollercoaster ride and sometimes we get thrown off and just don’t have the ability to get back on track without some guiding hand.


Let Marisa and Empathy Life Coaching be that guiding hand.

Here’s a quote from the Empathy website to give you a quick definition of what a Life Coach is and does:

Life Coaches work with people who are facing tough decisions or struggling with personal trauma. Instead of offering solutions like a business consultant might or talking about healing past experiences like a counselor or therapist might, a Life Coach provides tools and non-judgemental support to guide a client towards finding his or her own solutions and inner strength.

And alongside the Life coaching there are self-help tips, beauty recipes and inspirational quotes (hey, sounds like Just Massage!).

Check it out and be inspired yourself.

Don’t hesitate to contact Marisa if you think she can help you. She may live in Bordeaux but you can speak to her direct via Skype (or other free teleconferencing).

I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Here’s one of her blog’s inspirational quotes to…well, inspire you!

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