Bicarbonate of soda (or baking soda) – a humble store-cupboard ingredient with a multitude of uses in the home AND in your beauty routine. I’ve even got a book on it!bicarb3

So if you haven’t got any in your house (What? You never use it in baking?) now’s the time to get some in.

Here are some ways to slip it into your beauty routine:

It can be used as a the basis of a tooth powder (many commercial toothpastes use it). Careful, it is slightly abrasive so don’t overdo it but it is well-known as a tooth-whitener.

Sprinkle some in your bath to relieve itchy skin.

Try it in a footbath to neutralise odour-causing bacteria and natural acids – or sprinkle some bicarb in your shoes in the evening as soon as you take them off – they’ll be odour-free by morning.

After-shave for your man – most shop-bought products are alcohol-based which is not ideal for taking the heat out of your shave (plus they add perfume…and we know how that stings on cut skin). bicarb2Try a small glass of warm water with a teaspoon of bicarb dissolved in it and splash your face with that after shaving. And strangely enough it’s a great pre-shave remedy – splash your face with water, men, then apply a thin layer of bicarb to your face with your wet hands. Allow it to “dry” whilst you brush your teeth, for example, then rinse it off and dry. THEN shave and you should find it much easier, whether you do an electric or wet shave.

Spot on: the simplest and surely the cheapest anti-spot remedy . Dampen your face, put some bicarb in your hands and spread it over your face as a mask. You should keep it on for a minute or two for a simple firming scrub (rub it gently into your face, then rinse); or, if you do have spots, keep it on for three to five minutes before scrubbing and rinsing.


Smelly armpits goodbye: Bicarb is an odour-eater and most effective as a deodorant. Check out this recipe for a tried-and-tested homemade deodorant with coconut oil, bicarbonate of soda and cornflour – it’s simple and it works (I use it daily).

Coconut oil-based deodorant

Coconut oil-based deodorant

Bath bombs wouldn’t be bath bombs without bicarb. Try out this recipe (another tried-and-tested one) from James Wong’s book Grow Your Own Drugs.


For more ideas, check out this article from HelloNatural:

And you, do you have any favourite bicarb beauty (and home) uses? Let me know.

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