Here’s an easy facial serum recipe taken from Aroma-Zone’s book 100 recettes de cosmétiques maison (mais oui, it’s in French!). Aroma-Zone is a French on-line company selling all the ingredients you need to make a range of homemade cosmetics – it’s where I buy all my products, as I live in France. Check out their site here, they have a huge range of free on-line recipes as well! In case you want to order on-line from them, I’ve put the ingredient list in French too.

The main ingredient for this serum is aloe vera gel, well known for its soothing, healing and moisturising properties. You can buy it on-line from Aroma-Zone or from my friend Marisa at Forever Toujours (in France).



25g (25ml)   Aloe Vera gel

3g (3ml)   Lemon water (eau aromatique de citron)

1.8g (2ml)   Carrot infused oil (macérat huileux de carotte)

2 drops   Ginger essential oil (huile essentielle de gingembre)

11 drops   Melon aromatic extract (extrait aromatique de melon)

Put the aloe vera in a bowl and add the other ingredients. Mix well. Transfer to a 30ml container (an old jar of face cream is what I use, thoroughly cleaned and sterilised – putting it in the dishwasher will do the trick).  A pump-action 30ml tube is great – you can buy them on-line.


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