As a promised, here’s a list of basic equipment to get started with soap-making.

Bear in mind you are using caustic soda which is a dangerous substance so all your equipment should be kept to one side and used EXCLUSIVELY  for soap-making (no using your stick blender or cake moulds for your soups or home-made cakes) and don’t skip on the protective gear!

  • Kitchen scales (electronic, you need to be accurate here)
  • A large bowl made of pyrex, glass or heat-resistant plastic
  • A measuring jug made of pyrex or heat-resistant plastic
  • A stick blender (plastic or stainless steel)
  • A large spoon made of plastic, silicone or stainless steel for mixing the caustic soda with water IF you’re using the solid form (I strongly recommend you use a ready-made solution if you’re a beginner)
  • A large silicone or plastic spatula to help you get the soap into your moulds
  • Optional : a glass or stainless steel thermometer, useful only if you’re using pure (solid) caustic soda, to check the temperature before adding your solution to your oils (I didn’t need one as I used a commercially-bought solution)

Safety equipment (just in case, you’re using caustic soda, remember):

  • A pair of thick rubber gloves
  • Safety glasses/googles
  • Ideally an apron or overalls

Soap moulds :

Shop-bought soap-moulds (you can find loads online) or use a square or rectangular cake tin (DON’T EVER USE IT FOR MAKING CAKES AFTERWARDS) to make a block of soap you can then cut into slabs (after unmoulding and before drying) cake) . Buy silicone (it’s so easy to unmould) or line a metal tin with parchment paper for unmoulding.

That’s it folks, not a great investment, really. Looks like this:

Basic equipment

Basic equipment