If you’re handy with a crochet hook (I can just about manage one, I’m more of a knitter myself, but adaptable!), try your hand at these eco-friendly, washable and re-useable face scrubbies. Good for using leftover bits of wool/cotton yarn.

Recipe in a Bottle

IMG_4920.JPGI took a break from my latest blanket project to try out an idea that my grandmother-in-law, J, suggested. She was in a soaps-and-lotions-and-other-smelly-stuff store, and saw some crocheted cotton face scrubbies. They were soft, she said, and replaced the disposable cotton that people use to wash their faces so often. It saved waste, they were beautiful, and they looked like they would work up quickly!

I was right: I found a beautiful pattern at The Stitchin’ Mommy, and some lightweight wool (had no cotton handy, but I will order some!), and in 30 minutes, I had this lovely little circle! I had to learn the puff stitch for the first time, but even Husband commented that it looks even, professional, and quite functional. Success!

The ladies on my Christmas list are definitely getting some of these, especially since I can make one faster than I can watch most…

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