I experimented a bit more in November last, having successfully made my first soap in September.

My aim was to make some festive soaps for Christmas presents, and so this choco-orange one fitted the bill perfectly.

The original recipe was from Humblebee and Me, but I tweaked it a bit, just leaving out the castor oil (I didn’t have any, so I used more olive oil) and the silk. I also calculated the quantities for 500 g of fats/oils.

Ingredients for 500 g fats/oils

235 g olive oil (47%)

140 g cocoa butter (28 %)

125 g coconut oil (25%)

15 g orange essential oil

1  tbsp clay

4 tsp cocoa powder

221.3 g commercial caustic soda solution at 30% dilution (10% reduction)

{or 223.8 g commercial caustic soda solution at 30% dilution (9% reduction)}

Follow the soap-making instructions in my previous post. When you reach trace, blend in the clay, cocoa powder and  essential oil.

Pour into moulds (I bought some new heart moulds!) and leave for 24 hours before removing from mould and allowing to dry for at least 4 weeks.