Do you have specific problem areas?

I have terribly tight muscles in my neck and shoulders.

Not good for a massage therapist, huh?

But I do practise self-massage and try to do regular movements to release the tension.

If you have the same problem here are some suggestions for a tight neck and shoulders (to be done REGULARLY, it goes without saying).

With the tip of one shoulder, make the biggest, smoothest circle you can. Do this a couple of times then put the opposite hand on that shoulder, push down gently on the shoulder and make a few more circles. This will take the dominance off the tightest muscles to disperse the pressure.

Lie down and let your head fall from one side to the other. This is a very simple mobilisation technique but it recognises that the muscles in your neck will never fully relax when you’re standing or sitting. A good one to do in bed in the morning or at night (minus your pillows of course).

For even more relaxation of your knotty muscles, why not try an Indian Head massage with Just Massage which targets the upper body, neck and scalp. Perfect for stress relief.