Since Spring doesn’t seem to want to show its face (it’s been raining almost constantly since before Christmas here in Bordeaux), I thought I’d get you thinking warm and tropical, with a trip to Hawaii for one of our most relaxing massages – Lomi Lomi or Hawaiian massage.

Imagine yourself being massaged under a tropical sun

Picture yourself lying on a warm table with soothing, sweeping massage strokes washing like waves over you, and gentle arms rocking you gently from side to side.

Like the sound of that? Then this is the massage for you.

This particular massage uses long gliding strokes up and down the body.  The forearms and hands make rhythmical flowing movements like gentle waves washing over the body. This technique differentiates Lomi Lomi from other massages.

Hawaiian massage uses long, flowing strokes with the forearms

It can be gentle one moment, powerful the next. It is also unusual in that different parts of the body are massaged simultaneously, notably the back and the stomach. The massage also incorporates some passive manipulation and gentle stretching of arms and legs. Lomi Lomi is also known as “loving hands” because it demands a high level of concentration from the masseur and a great respect for the person being massaged with a real intention to do good.

The massage stimulates the circulation of blood, creates a sense of deep relaxation and intense well-being, promotes the circulation of energy and the expulsion of negative emotions and tensions and encourages a better self-connectivity.

Throughout the month of April, Just Massage is offering a 20% discount on 60 and 90 minute Hawaiian massages (Lomi Lomi).

40€ instead of 50€ for a 60 minute massage

52€ instead of 65€ for a 90 minute massage

Offer valid up to and including 30 April 2018.

Offer does not include gift vouchers.

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