No need for you to move from the comfort of your own home, just a phone call to make and your massage is booked. No running about trying to get the kids looked after, no time lost in travelling to and from your appointment, no traffic jams, no worrying about being late, no parking nightmares.

All necessary material brought to your doorstep on time, every time – massage table, oils, clean linen.

All we ask of you is:

Ensure the room is sufficiently warm especially in winter – you will be covered but there is always a part of you exposed for the massage (don’t worry, your dignity will be protected at all times). Think 22-23°C if possible. Even if you are having a massage fully dressed, remember you are not moving and you can get cold all the same.

If you’d like some relaxing music, the therapist can provide it. If you have a favourite piece of music that helps you relax, get it ready to play.

The therapist needs a space of roughly 2m2 to set up the table and be able to circulate around. Please ensure this space is free of obstacles.

For your first appointment, please allow an extra 15-20 minutes on top of treatment time so that we can go through a full consultation with you. This will allow us to find out exactly what you want from your treatment and just check on things like allergies and other health or wellbeing issues that may affect your massage. If you have any significant health problems, we’d really appreciate you mentioning these when you make your booking so we can have a chat with you about these before your treatment.