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Natural mosquito deterrent

We had a short period of being bitten by mozzies here in Bordeaux, then temperatures dropped and it’s been April showers in June for a good few weeks now, so said mosquitoes are not biting.

But I expect they’ll be back with a vengeance so it’s best to be prepared with this natural bug spray that uses essential oils to repel them.

This recipe comes from Garden Therapy:

1-Minute DIY Natural Bug Spray Recipe {That Really Works}

Basic face cream with oil and beeswax

Although I’ve made similar face creams in the past, this isn’t my recipe but comes from a favourite beauty recipe website called Organic Beauty Recipes.

These days I tend to use either pure oil-based homemade serums,or face creams using emulsifying wax (not beeswax) which I find gives a less greasy finish. But hey, I might try this one out and see if I re-convert! So I’m sharing it with you to see what you think.

How To Make Face Cream With Beeswax

DIY body scrubs

Seen in Cosmopoitan magazine online, 7 DIY body scrubs with kitchen cupboard ingredients:

And in Femina magazine, some simple DIY beauty products using flowers (by the way, the photo of “marigold” flowers in the article doesn’t show the common medicinal marigolds (calendula officinalis) which look like this:

I know ‘cos I grow them in my garden and make calendula-infused oil regularly!

Marigold in full bloom

Marigolds (calendula) in my garden








The photo in the article show tagetes, good for the garden for repelling aphids and mosquitoes!

Home-made oat milk body cream

50lb Organic Quick Oats

This is a slightly tweaked version of HumbleBee and Me recipe which has echoes of Lush’s lovely Dream Cream. I’ve had Lush’s original a few times as a present and it is heavenly, so the following recipe is a favourite of mine (tried and tested), with a wonderful smell and frankly, not a bad copy.

146 ml oat milk (2 tbsp oats + 1 cup of boiling water)

4 g glycerin

14g emulsifying wax

14g cocoa butter

22g olive oil

10 drops benzoin essential oil

12 drops chamomile essential oil

7 drops lavender essential oil

4 drops tea tree essential oil

4 drops rose absolute (very expensive, I used geranium!)

10 drops preservative (e.g. Cosgard)

Soak oats in water until the water is cool. Strain out the oats and reserve the liquid. Combine oil, butter and emulsifier and melt together in a bain-marie. Measure out oat milk, mix in glycerin and warm in bain-marie, stirring. Add oat milk to oils and heat through; remove from heat and whisk as mixture cools. Whisk in essential oils and preservative. Decant into a pump bottle or jar.

Here it is from HumbleBee and Me‘s post:

How to Make Oat Milk Dream Cream


Deep Sleep Aromatherapy spray

Having trouble sleeping? Try this pillow spray and check out my post on natural aids for a good night’s sleep here.

Thanks to Eve at Organic Beauty Recipes for this recipe:


  • 30 ml lavender hydrosol
  • 15 drops lavender essential oil
  • 10 drops chamomile essential oil
  • 5 drops valerian essential oil


  • Add the hydrosol or witch hazel in a small 40 ml spray bottle.
  • Add the essential oils.
  • Shake well before use.
  • Spray on your pillow or bedroom before going to bed!
  • How to make an essential oil spray

Footbath treat

F is for Foot Bath: A Good Soak + Weleda Foot Balm = Happy Soles ...

Try this simple yet so indulgent home treatment.

It is especially good for tired, aching feet, but it will also lift the emotions, increase circulation and reduce perspiration.

You will need:

2 tbs Epsom salts

2 tsp carrier oil (sunflower, grape seed, sweet almond, sesame)

4 drops of essential oil*

Fill a large stainless steel or ceramic bowl with water at the desired temperature, add salts and oils. soak your feet for 15 minutes.

For an extra treat (highly recommended!), place a bag of marbles or smooth pebbles on the bottom of the basin whilst you are soaking and gently roll your feet back and forth. This gentle massage is like having a reflexology treatment.

A soothing foot soak is even better with marbles! Just move your ...

After the soak, massage the feet with an aromatic lotion or dust with an aromatic foot powder.

*Suggested oils:

For stimulation – basil and peppermint

For relaxation – lavender and geranium

For aching feet – thyme and chamomile

For a cold bath – lemon and peppermint

For a hot bath – ylang ylang and neroli

Draining body massage oil

To stimulate lymph circulation and ease tired legs, try this homemade recipe to massage into your legs:

100 ml organic grapeseed oil

10 drops lavender essential oil

10 drops cypress essential oil

10 drops orange essential oil

5 drops lemon essential oil

Put in a dark glass bottle and shake well before applying to legs twice a day.

Sage toner for problem skin

Sage contains the volatile oil thujone, a strong antiseptic acid and rosmarinic oil, which is anti-inflammatory.

Sage can help reduce oiliness and keep spots, boils and acne in check, so it makes an ideal toner.

Make your own by putting a few fresh sage leaves in a bowl and adding boiling water.

Cover the bowl and allow to steep for 20 minutes, then drain off the liquid with a tea strainer.

Add about 3 tbs of cider vinegar and mix  well, adding a few drops of lavender essential oil (optional).

Pour the mixture into a bottle and store in the fridge.

Apply the toner to your face with cotton wool once or twice a day.

Source: Healthy magazine Sept/Oct 2010

Help for hands

For rough, dry hands, try this easy recipe:

Mix a little rosewater (from most chemists or even supermarkets) with ground almonds to make a thick paste.

Spread the mixture over your hands and leave for as long as possible – at least 15 minutes.

Rinse off with tepid water, then dry and apply your favourite hand cream.

To soothe chapped hands try this overnight treatment:

Blend 25 drops chamomile or lavender essential oil in 50 ml almond oil.

Massage into your hands at night to soothe and moisturise. Wear cotton gloves for maximum benefit.

Rose wax lip salve

Just experimented my first lip salve in “proper” lip salve push-up tubes (from AromaZone).


12g beeswax

12g castor oil

36g sweet almond oil (I used home-made St John’s Wort infused oil)

1g rose wax

6 drops vitamin E oil

6 drops benzoin essential oil

6 drops bergamot essential oil (or the essential oils of your choice)

Melt oils and wax together in a double boiler until the wax has melted. Stir in the vitamin E and essential oils. Pour into tubes and leave to harden.

For more lip balm recipes, check out Humblebee and Me lip balm archives.