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10 steps to a happier you – step four

Step 5: Love the ones you’re with

When you come home from work, make an effort to live in the moment with whoever is there and don’t spend these precious hours with your loved ones moaning about the day’s stresses.

Have a rule you won’t discuss work for anything more than a 15-minute debrief.

That way, your job or any other outside worries won’t dominate your personal life and your home remains a sanctuary.

Share a face-to-face mini-adventure together – whether it’s tackling a DIY project, taking a long walk or planning a weekend away.

Source: Prima magazine

I have to say, I don’t spend long talking over work with hubby but we have been ‘tackling’ a DIY project for the last year (it’s still ongoing, having had various problems with plumbers along the way!) and THAT seems to somewhat dominate home life…perhaps our home would be a “sanctuary” if we could finally get it done. Still, we do get away for weekends too, thank goodness!!

Do we ever finish working on the house?


10 steps to a happier you – step three

Step 3: Don’t obsess over things

Replaying past events in your mind is one of life’s biggest happiness blockers. When you’re obsessing about things, your view of the world is so narrow, you can’t think about anything else. Instead allocate some time each week to think about them and what lessons you can learn. If the negative thought crops up at any other time, banish it immediately by thinking something positive. It also helps to get some perspective on your problems. Try reading an inspiring autobiography; it can be incredibly uplifting to read how human beings can triumph from the worst circumstances.

10 steps to a happier you – step two

Step 2 – Count your blessings

It might sound trite, but being thankful for what you have makes you happy.

An American study asked a group of people to keep a diary of the things they were grateful for, and another group to write down their hassles.

Those who recorded good things were healthier and more optimistic.

“Before you go to sleep, ask yourself what three things happened today that you’re thankful for, however big or small,” suggests Dr Nick Bayliss, author of The Rough Guide to Happiness. “It helps focus your mind on what’s going well with your life and puts your subconscious in a cheerful state of mind for a better night’s sleep.”

10 steps to a happier you – step one

Step 1 – Laugh it off

Laughing releases endorphins – nature’s feel-good hormones, which reduce stress and make us feel relaxed. Try forcing yourself to laugh – you’ll soon find that it becomes real, even if you’re just laughing at how stupid you feel! If you need more coaxing, go to a comedy club, play with your children or watch a funny film.

Blue sky thinking

When stress levels are high, meditation techniques can teach us how to observe and stand back from our emotions and feelings, rather than them taking us over.

You don’t have to meditate for hours or join a sect to reap the benefits, 10 minutes a day could be enough for you.

To understand the basics of mindfulness meditation, consider this analogy by former Buddhist monk Andy Puddicombe:

“When you think of a clear blue sky, it feels nice. But think of a dark, cloudy sky, you don’t feel so good. If you took a plane up through the clouds, though, you’d find the sky is still blue.

Rather than trying to create that state of blue sky, of calm and happiness, it’s more a question of sitting back in the garden and waiting for the clouds to pass.”

Identify and observe your feelings and emotions when stress is high and you may find they evaporate more quickly of their own accord.

Try to stay grounded as well when things are not going well.

Try a technique called “positive acceptance”.

It’s a combination of accepting what is and refocusing on action to make things better in the future.

Some might say that acceptance means letting things be and not doing anything about it, but the idea is to stop WISHING that things were already different (because they can’t be) ad accept what ‘is’ – i.e. the present situation.

Accepting what ‘is’ can help to calm your thoughts and give you a more positive outlook. You are taking your mind away from negativity and looking to improve the future.

And a massage is always a good de-stresser, providing you know a good massage therapist.

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