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Nail detox

Nail polish overload?

For beautifully white, stain-free, varnish-free nails this summer, rub your naked nails (on top and underneath) with half a fresh lime, then soak in some dissolved bicarbonate of soda for a few minutes.

Your nails will be like new!

Soothing Calendula recipes

Like Marie from Humblebee and Me, I’m a big fan of calendula and have some growing in the garden – here’s the proof!

Marigolds (calendula) in my garden

In fact with the lovely Spring weather we’re experiencing here in Bordeaux, I have plenty in flower at the moment (time to make some infused oil…).

So I am definitely taking note of this collection of recipes using calendula from Humblebee and Me – some may seem a bit complicated but if you tweak the ingredients a bit, you’ll find they’re not so hard.

And check out my own step-by-step guide to infusing your own oil here, and my “magic” cream (magic because it heals a variety of skin complaints), a simple but effective calendula skin balm.

Calendula macerated oil


Happy skincare DIYing!

Tea-time beauty

I can’t do without my morning cuppa, but did you know the humble tea bag can provide you with a number of beauty benefits?

From use as a toner, de-puffing eyes (that’s a well-known one), to a hair brightener, check out these ideas from one of my fave beauty blogs, hello glow (formally hello natural, they seem to like changing their name every year…):

7 Beauty Products To Replace With Tea

Beauty from the inside

We all know the expression you are what you eat, so I was interested in this article I came across on the internet, listing 10 foods we should all be eating to boost our natural beauty.

Ginger, garlic and lemon are 3 of the 10 foods cited

Ginger, garlic and lemon are 3 of the 10 foods cited

Apart from the blueberries and the apple cider vinegar, I eat all the other foods regularly so I’m feeling very smug AND naturally beautiful ha, ha!

Have a quick read:

then let me know if you have any other superfoods that are top of your list for your natural beauty.