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Chocolate kisses for Saint Valentine’s

Give out some chocolatey kisses on Valentine’s Day with this quick lip balm recipe made with cocoa butter.

It comes from my favourite  homemade beauty recipe site,  AromaZone. 

It’s a French site, though part of it is translated into English – unfortunately not the huge collection of free beauty recipes.

Don’t worry, I’ve translated this one for you:

3 g cocoa butter

3 g vanilla-infused oil

1,5 g mimosa floral wax (or use beeswax, it’s easier to get hold of)

Melt all the ingredients together  (in a bowl in hot water), mix, pour into a small pot or jar, set in the freezer.

Apply to lips and get kissing!


Great hair – the natural way

If the sun, sea and swimming pool are taking their toll on your hair this summer, try these easy home treats.

Silky soft

Rehydrate hair by adding one or two drops of Roman camomile, lavender or rosemary essential oils to a carrier oil (try sunflower or grapeseed).

Massage into hair and leave overnight (protect pillows with a towel, or a scarf around your head).

Shampoo off in the morning.

Make it shine

Mix together 3tbsp mashed avocado (why not use an over-ripe one that’s blackened and is no good to eat), 2 tbsp carrot juice, 3 tbsp olive oil and a drop of essential oil such as ylang ylang or jasmine.

Work the mixture into wet hair and cover with a scarf or clingfilm.

Keep it in overnight and rinse out the next day.


Source: Essentials magazine

Unlock your neck

When we are stressed, we often get into the habit of jutting our chins forward, particularly in the car or when sitting at a  computer.

Because the head is so heavy, as soon as it is out of alignment with the spine, it puts extra stress on the neck muscles.

To counteract this, try this exercise:

Sit tall on a chair against a wall, so that your back and head are both against the wall. Press the underside of your tongue to the roof of your mouth (which unlocks the muscles at the front of the neck) and slowly draw your chin towards your chest, using just the muscles at the back of the neck.

It’s a subtle exercise and needs to be done slowly.

Source: Woman and Home magazine

Thought for the day

He who loses himself in his passion is less lost than he who loses his passion.

Saint Augustine (354-430)

Essential oils for smelly feet

Pure essential oils should not be used neat on the skin except in a few exceptional cases, but they can be used neat in many simple, highly effective ways around the home.

If, like me, your football-mad sons have smelly feet and trainers/football boots, that leave an undesirable odour around the house, here’s a quick and easy solution using essentail oils.

Add 2 drops each of tea tree and lemon essential oils to a tissue and immediately rub the entire insole of the shoe with it.

Leave the tissue in the shoe overnight.

Thought of the day

They did not know it was impossible so they did it.

Mark Twain

Gaze into the flame

Meditation is a wonderful thing to master but most of us, even if we haven’t blanked the possibility as alternative mumbo-jumbo, will go a long way to avoid sitting down and observing our grasshopper minds.

Besides, it’s very hard to just sit there and meditate.

You need to creep up on the technique in stages, so try this instead.

Light a candle and place it on the table in front of you.

Sit at the table and watch the candle flame.

Concentrate on deep breathing, while watching the changing, flickering flame.

Keeping your eyes occupied like this makes it easier to focus on your breathing.


Source: Woman and Home magazine

Mini-massage for lighter legs

With temperatures rising, your legs may be suffering.

Here’s a quick recipe to help boost circulation in your lower legs.

Mix 5 drops of cypress (cupressus sempervirens) essential oil and 5 of  mastic (pistacia lentiscus) essential oil in 20 drops /20 ml of  sunflower oil or grapeseed oil.

Massage the lower leg with this blend using long upward strokes from the foot up the calves to the knees.

Help yourself to Happiness

Psychologist Dr Robert Holden, director of The Happiness Project (, says we feel happiest when we begin to get to know who we truly are.

We want that lovely feeling of having no worries, not feeling pressure and not having to compare ourselves to anyone. He says we need to make more choices to support being happy.

So how to go about doing that?

First, ask yourself what would my day be like if I made a decision in the morning to have as much fun as possible that day?

Happiness isn’t about having more and more THINGS in life, it’s about working out the real “more” for you.

More time with loved ones?

More time to be creative?

More time just relaxing?

What is the real “more” for you?

And remember, how much you laugh is a good indicator of how much happiness you’re allowing into your life.

Use the questions below to help you think about the short-term and longer-term future and the right steps to take.

What are the most valuable changes you’ve made during the past year in your work, your relationship and your life as a whole?

Now work out what inspired those changes and what helped you make them.

Next, identify the key changes you want to make in the next three months in the same three areas: work, relationships and your life as a whole.

Finally, ask yourself what and who can help you make these changes? The answers to all these will show you the next steps to take.

Source: Woman and Home magazine

Thought for the day

Love and Let Live

The beginning of love is to let those we love be perfectly themselves, and not to twist them to fit our own image.

Otherwise we love only the reflection of ourselves we fnd in them.

Thomas Merton (1915-1968), USA