I came across this article from Elle magazine online, vaunting the merits of some very high-tech face massage devices (some of which are exorbitantly priced! The one below comes in at £425).

Cult Beauty - £425 This may look a bit like a UFO, but it's the closest thing to a professional face lift without having to go under the needle or knife. The tiny device - which links up with your iPhone - uses nano-currents and vibrations to supercharge slack skin cells with energy, prompting them to tighten up. Much like laser treatments, it works alongside a 'conductor gel' which helps it glide across the skin, and you can use it everywhere, from your cheeks to your forehead and even your upper lip and under eyes. Ge-ni-us. 

Really, I thought? Not a tad gimmicky?

I admit I have a wooden face roller that resembles N° 8 in Elle‘s list, only it was a free gift, so far from the £39.99 price tag on Amazon. I used it enthusiastically for about a week or so, then went back to my usual manual massage routine when I apply my face cream morning or night.

So, does anyone have one of these massage tools? And can they really do better than your own fingers?

I’m not convinced…

And let’s face it (excuse the pun!), having a professional do the work for you is all part and parcel of the relaxation process – that’s what pampering is all about.

Here at a Just Massage we have a popular facial massage which incorporates the neck, shoulders and scalp (as tension in those areas affects tension in your face). You’ll come away with a fresher-looking complexion and some advice for continuing the massage at home (it’s the regularity that gets results, just like in sport!)

Why not give it a try – personally I think manual beats mechanical every time, if only for the sensual aspect of touch combined with oils.

Let me know what you think.

Just Massage offers home massage in and around the Mérignac and Pessac area (near Bordeaux, France).