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Last days before July closure

Just Massage will be closed from 4 to 26 July 2020.

Book now for a late June/early July home massage.

Our June special offer is still on and valid for massage gift vouchers

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Lockdown lifted – but not for me

So I was ready to start up home massages again (with precautions, but I’ll tell you about them when I’m up and running) but my car decided to conk out yesterday!

Votre assurance auto peut vous aider en cas de panne

It was working perfectly fine the day before but yesterday nothing, zero, nada, not even an attempt by the engine to turn over.

Two different breakdown assistance vans came and neither could restart the car so it got towed off to Renault last night and I will have to wait til Monday to get a verdict… it would appear to be a problem with the dashboard (all the electronics went off) and could be expensive.

Time to change my car perhaps?

Bad timing, huh? I’ve been in lockdown for 2 months and the car decides to give up the ghost just when I can work again?

Difficult to do mobile massage therapy when you are no longer mobile.

Sod’s law or what?

Stay zen…

Hello from confinement – what I’m up to

It goes without saying, no massage offer for this month as I, like most of you, am in lockdown.

So my blog this month will be more about self-massage techniques, de-stressing (in case, like some people I know, this whole Covid thing is making you anxious), and maybe some light-heartedness as well!

So what am I up to if I’m not working?

Well, between supervising my 3 kids schoolwork and cooking 24/7 for five people (not used to that!), I’ve plenty of hobbies to keep me busy (knitting, sewing, gardening)…and it’s also nice to … do nothing (a lost art…regained?).

However, in case you need some ideas, here are some of my lockdown lifesavers, especially if you have children at home:

1° I told my kids right from the start of confinement (nearly 3 weeks now) that I WAS NOT going to do  all the cooking, so each of them does one main meal a week (that’s three out of the way!). It’s working out pretty well, and I admit I have even been surprised by my children’s culinary creativity. My eldest son (17), for example, laid down the gauntlet in the first week with a gourmet 3-course meal.

Try it in your family if you have kids – even little ones can get involved (I always say, if they can read, they can follow a recipe)., and you’ll probably find they love doing it!

Let me know what creations they come up with!

Kids Cooking Class - Pizza - Kitch Mystic | Gourmet Kitchen Store ...

2° Everyone does a sports lesson. Me, I’m the gentle Pilates “teacher” (OK, I’ve got a Darcey Bussell DVD to follow). So far, only my husband has joined me, the boys think it’s not “sporty” enough; hubby reproduces his weekly gym class in the sitting room; my eldest (he of the 3-course meal) found a 20-min boxing class which is quite fun to do ( ); and my 10-year-old daughter has given us a zumba class. Only the middle boy has avoided the sports vibe buzzing (I’m joking!) in the house. Everyone (most of the time) joins in, which can get a bit crowded with 5 of us in the living room, but we’re getting there!

Darcey Bussel - Pilates For Life - DVD - Achat & prix | fnac

3° We’ve rediscovered board games: Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly, Cluedo … this is a great time to sit down as a family and play together, you know you want to…! It’ll get that competitive streak going too.

Board Games: Fun for all the family | Manny & Me | London based ...

If that makes you groan and you want to be alone, get out the crossword puzzles…or some zen colouring pages (loads to download for free on the internet).

Print adult dreams catcher heart mandala zen coloring pages ...

And you, what are you doing during lockdown?

Be sure to let me know.

Make daisy chains and chill out

Remember the daisy chains you used to make  as a child?

Well, I taught my (then) 4-year-old daughter to make them a few summers ago, and re-discovered an age-old pleasure. And inspired by a postcard I’d seen in Cultura, we made daisy pictures:

Daisy heart by Lorraine and Léa

Daisy heart by Lorraine and Léa

Daisy faces by Lorraine and Léa

Daisy faces by Lorraine and Léa

And it was most enjoyable and, yes, relaxing, de-stressing, however you want to call it.

Let me see YOUR daisy pictures.

No excuse even for you town and city dwellers, get down to the nearest park, admire the flowers and go hug a tree!

And don’t forget your daisy pictures!

If you’re still needing to de-stress, consider booking a relaxing massage.

You can contact me at Just Massage for a home massage appointment in and around the Mérignac and Pessac area (near Bordeaux, France) on:


Help for hands

For rough, dry hands, try this easy recipe:

Mix a little rosewater (from most chemists or even supermarkets) with ground almonds to make a thick paste.

Spread the mixture over your hands and leave for as long as possible – at least 15 minutes.

Rinse off with tepid water, then dry and apply your favourite hand cream.

To soothe chapped hands try this overnight treatment:

Blend 25 drops chamomile or lavender essential oil in 50 ml almond oil.

Massage into your hands at night to soothe and moisturise. Wear cotton gloves for maximum benefit.

Summer closure

Just Massage will be closed from 6 to 28 July 2019.

Book now for a late June/early July home massage.

Just Massage

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Mérignac, Pessac and surrounding area.

Gower Penisula, South Wales

Gower Peninsula, South Wales

4 home-made treats for Valentine’s Day

If you’re a fan of home-made treatments, it’s a no-brainer making homemade beauty treats for your significant other on Valentine’s Day.

And if you’re new to it, I’ve selected 4 easy recipes from the Just Massage archives for you to make this February.

  1. DIY Massage bar

Here ‘s a recipe from one of my favourite online blogs, Hello Glow.

These DIY Matcha Lotion Bars Are a Multitasking Miracle Worker

It’s simply cocoa butter, coconut oil and beeswax combined with (in this case) matcha tea and sweet orange essential oil, but you can change the last two ingredients to your taste. Check it out here.

2. A relaxing balm

Melt 30g cocoa butter with 30g jojoba oil, 25g beeswax and 15g avocado oil in a bain marie/double boiler.

Take off the heat and cool, then add 2 drops each of rosemary and grapefruit extract, and 8 drops each of rosemary and grapefruit essential oils, and 6 of ginger.

Mix and leave to solidify before using after the bath.

3. Chocolate orange soap

Ok, admittedly, if you make this now it won’t be ready by February 14th (soap needs 4-6 weeks to dry or mature). But you can still make it, wrap it and give it with the proviso that your loved one mustn’t use it until such and such a date. Because it does smell divinely of chocolate and orange, and what Valentine’s Day is complete without chocolate (and this one’s without the calories!)

4. Lavender bath bombs

These easy-to-make bath bombs from James Wong will fizz away like any commercial one in your bath.

And of course you can learn the basics of massage with me and pamper your loved one (or a friend, your mum, your pet dog…) on that special day. But don’t forget to hint heavily that you’d appreciate a Just Massage gift voucher in return!!

Chocolate kisses for Saint Valentine’s

Give out some chocolatey kisses on Valentine’s Day with this quick lip balm recipe made with cocoa butter.

It comes from my favourite  homemade beauty recipe site,  AromaZone. 

It’s a French site, though part of it is translated into English – unfortunately not the huge collection of free beauty recipes.

Don’t worry, I’ve translated this one for you:

3 g cocoa butter

3 g vanilla-infused oil

1,5 g mimosa floral wax (or use beeswax, it’s easier to get hold of)

Melt all the ingredients together  (in a bowl in hot water), mix, pour into a small pot or jar, set in the freezer.

Apply to lips and get kissing!


Good skin resolutions

Your new mantra for September: I will massage my skin daily (and we’re not just talking about your face!).

Massage boosts blood and lymphatic circulation, so awakening your skin’s radiance.

It stimulates fibroblasts (a cell in connective tissue that synthesizes collagen) and plumps up your skin.

It also tones and relaxes muscles which, in the face, can improve skin elasticity giving a fresher, healthier look.

Check out my earlier blogs for some ideas on building massage into your daily routine:

Improve your skin’s appearance

The facelift massage

Aroma foot massage relieves stress

Ayurvedic self-massage guide

Blue sky thinking

When stress levels are high, meditation techniques can teach us how to observe and stand back from our emotions and feelings, rather than them taking us over.

You don’t have to meditate for hours or join a sect to reap the benefits, 10 minutes a day could be enough for you.

To understand the basics of mindfulness meditation, consider this analogy by former Buddhist monk Andy Puddicombe:

“When you think of a clear blue sky, it feels nice. But think of a dark, cloudy sky, you don’t feel so good. If you took a plane up through the clouds, though, you’d find the sky is still blue.

Rather than trying to create that state of blue sky, of calm and happiness, it’s more a question of sitting back in the garden and waiting for the clouds to pass.”

Identify and observe your feelings and emotions when stress is high and you may find they evaporate more quickly of their own accord.

Try to stay grounded as well when things are not going well.

Try a technique called “positive acceptance”.

It’s a combination of accepting what is and refocusing on action to make things better in the future.

Some might say that acceptance means letting things be and not doing anything about it, but the idea is to stop WISHING that things were already different (because they can’t be) ad accept what ‘is’ – i.e. the present situation.

Accepting what ‘is’ can help to calm your thoughts and give you a more positive outlook. You are taking your mind away from negativity and looking to improve the future.

And a massage is always a good de-stresser, providing you know a good massage therapist.

Try out our selection of massages here at Just Massage.