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Take years off your neck

From your chin to your cleavage, your neck and décolletage is often neglected, and as a result it can really show your age.

Here are some tips to work some magic on this delicate area.

1 Drink more water – it really does hydrate your skin (so it’s good for the whole body!)

2 Wear SPF15 daily, even in winter and increase to at least SPF30 in hot sun, not just on your face but down your neck and on all exposed skin.

3 Wear a scarf. In winter a warm woolly one will protect the thin neck skin from cold winds, while in the summer a soft silk scarf will prtoect you from the sun.

4 Use the right pillow. I admit I have trouble with this one, finding the right pillow/pillows for a comfortable night’s sleep. Normally one pillow is enough as any more than this raises your head too high. If you’re sleeping on your back this can push your chin into your neck creating creases in the skin. The same goes for sleeping on your side (which I do), which can press vertical lines into your cleavage!

5 Look up. If you work on a computer and you’re looking down at your screen you need to adjust your chair so you’re no longer looking down, or elevate screens and phones/stack books under your laptop to raise it up. Otherwise you’ll get a crease like a smile either side of your chin.

6 Try some simple firming exercises and a nourishing care routine (look out for my next post…).

Check out this exercise to unlock your neck.

And for an extra-special treat, try out our Rejuvenating facial massage which massages the face, neck, décolletage and head.


Optimize your car/bus journey

So the other day, we looked at how to optimize your journey to work by walking more and taking the stairs.

But what if your in the car, or have a long journey on public transport?

The average journey time is 30 minutes, so use that time to good effect.

For your neck

Pull your chin down toward your chest and stretch your neck (keep your eyes on the road if you’re driving!)

In the car make use of the head rest by pushing your head back against it.

Your thighs and buttocks

If you’re standing up in public transport, contract your buttocks hard then release very slowly.

If you’re sitting down or at a red light in the car (not whilst you’re driving along), squeeze your thighs together. Hold for a few seconds, then release.

Or combine these exercises: squeeze your thighs together as you tighten your buttocks and lift up your pelvic floor. Stretch up through your back and pull in your stomach. Keep your shoulders relaxed and your head straight.

Repeat as often as you like.

To begin with, hold for a count of 8, then increase daily to 10, 15, 20.


When you’re at a red light in the car, squeeze your steering wheel hard with arms straight.

Hold for a few seconds, then release suddenly.

And finally, while you’re doing these exercises, think consciously about your breathing.

Breathe in and out deeply and regularly.