Get your face fit for Christmas with this festive month’s offer on our much-appreciated Rejuvenating facial massage

Relax into Christmas with a facial massage

Relax into Christmas with a facial massage

Using traditional Chinese massage, this is a wonderfully relaxing treatment. We keep a lot of tension in our face and even our scalp, in particular around the jawline and forehead – think of all that frowning and grimacing you might do during the day.


A great one-off treatment before a special event or a regular treat to escape the stresses of modern life.

This treatment can:

  • Improve skin suppleness
  • Reduce muscle tension in the face, neck and scalp
  • Help relieve stress-related symptoms
  • Tone the skin
  • Aid the renewal of dead skin cells
  • Enhance relaxation



So what are you waiting for?

Discover our Rejuvenating facial massage this month at the special price of 40€ instead of 50€ for a one-hour massage.

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Offer does not apply to Gift Vouchers. Valid up to and including 31 December 2016

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