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Release tension in your muscles

Do you have specific problem areas?

I have terribly tight muscles in my neck and shoulders.

Not good for a massage therapist, huh?

But I do practise self-massage and try to do regular movements to release the tension.

If you have the same problem here are some suggestions for a tight neck and shoulders (to be done REGULARLY, it goes without saying).

With the tip of one shoulder, make the biggest, smoothest circle you can. Do this a couple of times then put the opposite hand on that shoulder, push down gently on the shoulder and make a few more circles. This will take the dominance off the tightest muscles to disperse the pressure.

Lie down and let your head fall from one side to the other. This is a very simple mobilisation technique but it recognises that the muscles in your neck will never fully relax when you’re standing or sitting. A good one to do in bed in the morning or at night (minus your pillows of course).

For even more relaxation of your knotty muscles, why not try an Indian Head massage with Just Massage which targets the upper body, neck and scalp. Perfect for stress relief.


The facelift massage


Daily facial massage can really make a difference to the lines and contours of your face – even just a minute of massage can result in a lifted effect.

A regular facial massage can smooth lines, lift contours and give your skin a firm and glowing finish. Using oils rather than creams is a bonus as oil absorbs easily and different oils have different beauty benefits, not to mention they’re pure, so no preservatives or additives.

The following routine, developed by beauty expert and actress Kazia Pelka, should take about 10 minutes once you get the hang of it. It was featured in the August 2014 edition of the UK’s Prima magazine.

1 Warm a little facial oil between the palms of your hands and gently but firmly press over the face, forehead, cheeks, chin, below the nose and under the jaw. Avoid the eye area. Take time to relax and enjoy the warmth of the oil and the feel of the hands on the face.

2 Using the pads of your fingers, make outward circular movements to massage the oil into the cheeks, sides of the face and the forehead. Make large sweeping U-shapes from the middle of the eyebrows, down the sides of the nose, over the cheeks and up to the temples, distributing the oil evenly. repeat at least five times.

3 Place one hand at the top of your forehead and use it to keep the skin taut. Massage between your eyebrows with the middle finger of the other hand, using small circular movements in both directions. With tiny up and down movements, take the massage towards the centre of he forehead and back down again.

4 Using circular and tiny up and down moves, start to “iron” out every line on the forehead, traveling from one end to the other and back again. Move the top hand along your hairline as you go, so that it is always above the area you’re massaging, keeping the skin taut.

5 Using your ring fingers on each hand, make firm, quick upward movements from the lower forehead towards the hairline. One finger starts at the bottom as the other reaches the top. Start in the middle, take it over to the left-hand side and than all the way back to the right.

6 Massage each eyebrow along its length, feeling for any knots of pain tha reveal areas of stress and tension. Using your ring finger, massage these areas and then stroke upward firmly using alternate fingers. Do this for about a minute then compare with your other eyebrow; You should notice a “lifted” effect.

7 Create a V-shape with your index and middle fingers on both hands and place just above and below the jawline by the chin. Sweep both fingers back towards the ears so that the index finger stops in the indent behind the earlobe. Then gently massage the area behind the lobe with your index finger.

8 Sweep your fingers from the end of step seven behind the earlobes down the neck to the collarbone. Then sweep each hand across the opposite collarbone. Aim to go through steps 7 and 8 in one fluid movement and repeat several times.

9 With index fingers beneath the apples of your cheeks, imagine a string running up form the bottom of the cheek to the top. Think of the string shortening and pulling upwards, the muscle tightening. Your fingers will follow the cheek but not push it. It should feel like you’re smiling with your cheeks but not your eyes. Repeat 5 times.

Don’t know what oils are best for your face? Click on the link below for an earlier post on facial oils:

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And why not try our our popular rejuvenating facial massage and let someone else do the pampering for you!

Relax with a face massage


More posture tips

Following on from my earlier post, here are a few more helpful hints for improving your posture.

Roll your shoulders

Stand with your feet slightly apart and rotate your shoulders backwards three to four times by bringing them up to your ears, back and down and finally around to the front while bending your elbows to relax your muscles and release any tension.

On the final rotation, take a broom handle or stick and slide it through your elbows behind your back, letting it sit in the crook of your elbows for a few minutes.

This will instantly correct your posture, engage your core muscles and take pressure off your lower back.

Practise this daily for 15-30 minutes to create a new muscle “memory” and a better default posture..