I’m a big fan of facial oils.

facial oil

I used to think they would make my skin greasy and come out in spots (oh the innocence – or is that the ignorance – of youth).

I have been won over.

I remember years ago buying a facial oil for my mother from the Clarins range – I would use it myself, of course, whenever I was over and I just remember the smell of it (blue orchid).


I suspect Clarins was a bit ahead of its time – and the same facial oil is still stocked by them (why change a good thing?).

A couple of Christmas’s ago my sister bought me a facial oil from Holland and Barrett from the Dr Organic range they stock with their (then) all-the-rage ingredient – rose otto oil.

Unfortunately I dropped said oil on the bathroom floor before I’d got anywhere near to finishing it and was fuming about that act of clumsiness.



But it did push me to make my own facial oils (after all, how hard can it be, I thought, it is just a blend of oils).

What I’m using at the mo’ is a sesame-based facial oil (recipe courtesy of Aroma-Zone) which I can share with you here:

30ml sesame oil

1 drop ginger essential oil

14 drops patchouli essential oil

But I have also discovered an online recipe from Hello Natural for a rosehip anti-ageing oil so that will be my next treat(ment).

What’s your favourite facial oil?

Share your secret with me, whether it’s a shop-bought treatment or home-made.

PS. To get the most out of your facial oil, think about massaging it in with a regular facial massage routine. Check out my ideas here.

Even better, let me pamper you with our rejuvenating facial massage (and it’s on special offer throughout November)

Relax with a face massage

Relax with a face massage