A bit of background

Lomi Lomi simply means massage but a Lomi Lomi massage differs greatly from other forms of massage because it is impregnated with the Hawaiian philosophy of huna. One of the fundamental beliefs of huna is that every creature is searching for love and harmony. It is not for nothing then that this massage is also known as ‘loving hands’.  According to huna philosophy, every cell in our body has a memory and the mental, emotional and spiritual form one indissociable entity. Hence Hawaiian massage acts on all dimension of our being. Like Chinese massage, Lomi Lomi thinks in terms of energy flow and seeks to unblock tensions and disharmony which prevent energy from circulating in the body.

The benefits

Benefits are truly holistic, that is touching the mental and spiritual as well as the physical well-being of the person massaged.  The massage stimulates the circulation of blood, creates a sense of deep relaxation and intense well-being, promotes the circulation of energy and the expulsion of negative emotions and tensions and encourages a better self-connectivity.

What to expect

You can expect a full consultation before your treatment and it is useful to mention any injuries or areas causing discomfort. It is good to know if you like firm or light pressure during your treatment. Your massage table will be set up and the therapist will leave the room to wash her hands, giving you time to undress and settle on the table under the prepared covers, lying on your stomach to start. This massage is given lying on a plastic sheet to facilitate the simultaneous massage of back and front. As this can be a little cold on first contact, we provide a heated underblanket to warm up the table. Please ensure there is a socket nearby! The therapist will ensure you are suitably covered at all times, uncovering only the part of the body to be massaged. Massage oil is used to lubricate the skin as this particular massage uses long gliding movements up and down the body. Treatment starts with a hands-on pause to allow the therapist to make first contact. The massage begins with quick long movements without oil on the arms and legs, followed by effleurage with oil on the back, arms and legs to distribute the oil on the body. The therapist works on the back and arms, before moving to the legs, then you turn over for the massage of the other side of the body, legs, arms, chest and face. The massage uses the forearms and hands in a rhythmical flowing movement like gentle waves washing over the body.  This technique differentiates Lomi Lomi from other massages. It can be gentle one moment, powerful the next. It is also unusual in that different parts of the body are massaged simultaneously, notably the back and the stomach. The massage also incorporates some passive manipulation and gentle stretching of arms and legs. Lomi Lomi is also known as “loving hands” because it demands a high level of concentration from the masseur and a great respect for the person being massaged with a real intention to do good. The person receiving the massage reaps all the benefits.