A head-to-foot treatment lying on your side, using traditional Chinese massage

A bit of background

TuiNa is part of traditional Chinese medicine and one of the oldest treatments alongside acupuncture and phytotherapy. The aim of TuiNa is to promote the circulation of qi – vital energy – in the body by unblocking the meridians (energy channels), balancing left and right sides of the body, top and bottom, and back and front. The massage incorporates all parts of the body from the head to feet.

What to expect

You can expect a full consultation before your treatment and it is useful to mention any injuries or areas causing discomfort. It is good to know if you like firm or light pressure during your treatment. Your massage table will be set up and the therapist will leave the room to wash her hands, giving you time to undress and settle on the table between the prepared towels. You lie on your side in a position that’s comfortable for you and your bump and the therapist works down your body from head to feet. Then you turn on to your other side and off we go again. Wonderfully relaxing, this treatment can help relieve the niggling tensions of pregnancy from an aching lower back to heavy legs and fluid retention.

Other suitable treatments in pregnancy

You might like to consider these treatments too. They can be adapted to suit you and your bump in terms of position (lying, sitting, propped up on a cushion). No need to undress, no need to change position on the table. Your comfort is the key.

Indian Head Massage   Revitalising foot massage    Rejuvenating facial massage

Post-natal massagepostnatal

Pamper yourself after the birth. It’s the best time, honest! Baby has long sleeps and your therapist can slip quietly into the house, set up and pamper mum, before he needs his next feed. All massages suitable, but if you’ve had a C-section or are self-conscious of your baby weight, why not try one of the following

Indian Head Massage

Revitalising foot massage

Rejuvenating facial massage

No need to undress, no need to change position on the table.