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Using traditional Chinese massage, this is a wonderfully relaxing treatment. We keep a lot of tension in our face and even our scalp, in particular around the jawline and forehead – think of all that frowning and grimacing you might do during the day. A great one-off treatment before a special event or a regular treat to escape the stresses of modern life.


Our faces are constantly moving. Smiling, frowning, eating, yawning, crying, laughing (hopefully more laughing than crying) – no wonder our facial muscles get tense! This tension can restrict the blood vesels feeding our facial tissues which reduces blood and lymph circulation to the face and prevents the efficient removal of waste products. This treatment reduces muscle tension and improves blood flow to encourage a fresher and healthier look, improving muscle tone and skin elasticity. And it’s natural (no chemical-laden creams necessary). This treatment can:

  • Improve skin suppleness
  • Reduce muscle tension in the face, neck and scalp
  • Help relieve stress-related symptoms
  • Tone the skin
  • Aid the renewal of dead skin cells
  • Enhance relaxation

What to expect

You can expect a full consultation before your treatment and it is useful to mention any injuries or areas causing discomfort. It is good to know if you like firm or light pressure during your treatment. Please don’t wear any make-up, and don’t go to the hairdressers just beforehand! Your massage table will be set up and the therapist will leave the room to wash her hands, giving you time to settle on the table between the prepared towels. No need to fully undress, but you should remove your top and lower your bra straps, removing necklaces, earrings and facial piercings. Starting on the upper chest and arms, the therapist will move on to your neck and shoulders then your face and finally scalp. The therapist will also give you details on how to give yourself a 10 minute facial massage between treatments to keep up the good work.